Record of Lodoss War - Deedlit

Vyšlo 26.02.2007, 23:54

Outlines: black Indian ink & stenography quill tip
Medium: computergrafic (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher)
Background: gouache and computereffect (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher)
write comments in English, please!
Komentáře k obrázku (celkem: 26)
I am gona to buy new pencils, rubber, ect... becouse it is not possible so much nice pictures ! ,)
Mamasama, 26.02.2007, 23:57 (*****)
if it's out of your head, well, then it is very impressive.
Shadow, 27.02.2007, 01:26
Shadow: It looks that way. Have a look at her website. Though I wonder why she insists on english comments when that site is in german, though...
Gaia, 27.02.2007, 06:28
the background is horrible.Her left hand is weird too.When I look at the whole person,it looks cool but i dont like a bunch of details.
lord.clerik, 27.02.2007, 07:02
well as lord.clerik said there may be mistakes but as the whole picture it's really impressive! Great job!
Anya_Saitou, 27.02.2007, 07:44 (*****)
I really love Deedlit and she looks marvelously here.
Chemik, 27.02.2007, 09:34
pěkná slečna, pozadí by chtělo doladit. Anglicky se mi to psát nechce..
arevin, 27.02.2007, 12:24
Yay, nice job. Deedlit looks very nice here.
Shanran/by neotsuY, 27.02.2007, 14:10 (*****)
I like it
Misuri.chan, 27.02.2007, 14:27
oh my god...thats perfect!
June, 27.02.2007, 14:56 (*****)
the background doesnt fit there - the girl is full of details, so the background seems to me little bit scamped. if you were tired by working on the girl (and it had to be a lot of work) why didnt you wait? or why did you add the background at all, it would be good or better with white background too. about the girl: there are some anatomic mistakes, but ill not talk about it. i dont like the pose. its affected, not natural, kitshy, nothing new, just pose of princces lost in dream. you werent thinking about it very much or were you? maybe im blind and i dont see the hidden philosophical message, so then im sorry
D.G., 27.02.2007, 16:19 (***)
it look´s like good
aselen, 27.02.2007, 16:24
Gaia: i guess, that reason is simple. how many czech people speak german good enough to write comments :)
Shadow, 27.02.2007, 16:58
awwwwwwwww it is very nice.................I can´t drawing like are good very very very good
Alexandra, 27.02.2007, 19:45 (*****)
Nosfi, 27.02.2007, 21:43 (*****)
ooooh!I´m freeezing!:P It´s so nice! I haven´t seen so beautiful dress before!:-DD
Kilama, 27.02.2007, 22:12 (*****)
This Lady is very good-looking and her dress are delightfully elegant (I saw you before), but I agree with some others, the "background doesnt fit there"
Musashi, 28.02.2007, 09:49 (*****)
Great work! So nice...
Tsukisaki, 28.02.2007, 18:41 (*****)
I think it is perfect.
ellena.iora, 05.03.2007, 12:16 (*****)
omg.. love the dress!!
melpamene, 05.03.2007, 16:13 (*****)
Nicky31, 08.03.2007, 14:05
Farathu, 08.03.2007, 20:12 (*****)
her dress is.......perfect....
elliptical, 21.03.2007, 20:51
It was my delight!
Mushka, 08.09.2007, 11:21 (*****)
Oh,I´m going to call it "Manga-Mucha", secese:)
Morbidity, 21.05.2008, 22:35 (*****)
furančišekku, 10.10.2008, 14:40 (*****)
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