X-1999 - Subaru & Kamui

Vyšlo 28.01.2007, 00:07

Outlines: black pen
Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
Background: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
Paper type: watercolour; 250g/m2
Size: DIN A3
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wow, this is amazing, flowers, florets and two mans "yummi" XD
sousi, 28.01.2007, 00:42
That's glorious.
Chemik, 28.01.2007, 09:53
Subaru...Aah...Subaruuu xD [I don't even need to write comment xD]
Thassaka, 28.01.2007, 10:26 (*****)
2 sousi: ...and two MEN(myslim to v dobrym) :-)
I hate yaoi XD but when itš drawn as goog as this... I don't mind anymore XP
artist, 28.01.2007, 11:05 (****)
nice, ., i like how they look., :) good work
lydy, 28.01.2007, 11:27 (****)
That's completely and utterly awesome. Good thing that you used watercolors for coloring, too (you know, the whole CG overload thingy :). I especially love the beads - amazing detail.
Black_Sable, 28.01.2007, 11:35 (*****)
artist: dík jsem si nebyla jistá s tim s to fakt vypadá dost divně :-D
sousi, 28.01.2007, 11:55
to jo smekám ...je to fakt sugoi =^.^=
Konakira, 28.01.2007, 12:39 (*****)
hmmm i know it.. or something very (podobný? ehh sakra) but it´s look like good
aselen, 28.01.2007, 12:42
Nice, but his neck is very long. She look like dead. I thing that he´s her murder, and want use her still warm body for own pleasure:-)
Karlos, 28.01.2007, 13:45
Karlos: I think it's not She but He (subaru)
Sakura looks great...I really looks like CLAMP...good work with coloring too...
Kalisto, 28.01.2007, 13:53 (*****)
Tercenya, 28.01.2007, 14:10 (*****)
yay, you are really talented.
Neo.tsu.yurika, 28.01.2007, 15:36 (*****)
No dobry pulce komentaru nerozumim ale zhruba sem odhad ze se to libi a mne taky a moc fakt moc Taky bych chtel umnet vybarvovat
Werewolfa, 28.01.2007, 16:07 (*****)
Mahareth, 28.01.2007, 16:21 (*****)
Awwww, Subaruuuuu, Kamui-chan X33333333 You got the atmosphere really good =)
Mirabel, 28.01.2007, 19:07 (*****)
Wow, its perfect!!! So beautiful
Tsukisaki, 28.01.2007, 19:09 (*****)
lovely...I go and I will Kissed with they :-D
Alexandra, 28.01.2007, 20:29
fuck I love CLAMP!! But do you know what's this pic's problem? It's clearly visible that you've tried to copy CLAMP style but the question is why? cause like this it'll never be as good as the original. I think it would have been better if you have done it your way...that's my opinion
Anya_Saitou, 28.01.2007, 21:18
Well it's realy hard to draw CLAMP characters in other style than clampish...Oo; they do not look like they should...Oo; and especialy in X...
Thassaka, 28.01.2007, 21:42
Good ..
Dr.Sid, 28.01.2007, 22:41 (*****)
Fantastic! It looks great!
AlBaal, 29.01.2007, 16:11 (*****)
All what Im able to write is that this picture is extraordinary!
Musashi, 30.01.2007, 16:38 (*****)
Oh boy... I didn´t want to be suspicious.. really... I didn´t want to be... but say what coincidence is this if I have this picture in my "Sneaks" (Manga preview) I was given in Germany? I´d love to hear a word about this from you... but I don´t mind if you won´t say anything... It´s nothing that much for me.... but some other people would say something different I suppose... I wish you good luck...
Darkcrow, 05.02.2007, 18:13
Hummmm... here is manga.cz. CZ, right...? So, what's this???
San, 06.02.2007, 18:05
I have old magazine from German called Manga sczene and this picture is on the cover...O o...Suspicious, isn´t it?
Taurwen Vanima, 09.02.2007, 17:30
If you look propertly, she wrote on her site site http://viviane.ch/ that this pic was used as a cover for Mangaszene.
Miyu, 18.02.2007, 20:13
AAAAAAAAAAAaaaa...I´m baka baka baka...I´m sorry...realy sorry...*puppy eyes*
Taurwen Vanima, 27.02.2007, 23:02
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